Timing Your Senior Portraits

Timing Your Senior Portraits

One of the most common questions we hear from parents booking senior sessions is ‘why are they taken before the school year starts?’ The simple answer is timing: if you get them done prior to the start of senior year, you’ll have plenty of images to choose from for graduation announcements and thank you cards!

It may not seem like it, but timing is actually an integral part of senior portrait planning! One of the perks of living in New England is that we get all of the seasons, including sunny summers and colorful autumns! Some students like to wait until the fall to incorporate pretty leaves, but there are actually several reasons why booking earlier is better! Don’t believe me? Keep reading!


At our studio, booking sooner actually has financial benefits! I know, I know: the very last thing you want to deal with after the end of your junior year is getting your picture taken, but if you book your session in June, your sitting fee (a small fee that covers the photographer’s time and equipment) is waived! That means your session is on us: you’ll get your indoor and outdoor pictures taken for free, and all you have to worry about is paying for your products (it is important to note that this is only applicable to sessions that take place at our studio; any on-location sessions have preset, non-waivable fees!) You’ll have a larger budget for products, and more choice because of it! June doesn’t work? No worries! In July, the sitting fee is half-off, so you’ll be getting the same number of images as a session in August or September for less money. It’s a pretty great deal!

More Opportunities for Dates

We actually run two businesses over here: school photography (including senior sessions) and wedding photography! Because of how popular the summer is for weddings, we have specific weekdays blocked off for seniors. Though we always leave room for plenty of bookings, scheduling a senior session earlier in the summer means that you have your choice of days and times. That also means that if anything happens (if you get sick, for example, or the weather is bad) there will be way less stress when it comes time to reschedule! It’s also important to know that all of our work is 100% guaranteed. That means that if you don’t like how your pictures came out, you can rebook (free of charge, of course!) We want to give you images that you love. This is also applicable for anyone who wants to book an on-location session. We like to block off entire days to spend at the beach or a park to accommodate seniors who want to go somewhere different for their pictures.

More Opportunities for Fun

A few summers ago, we had a parent call looking to book a magical session for her daughter. She wanted pictures taken in a forest with a whimsical vibe, and we were happy to oblige! But it was the end of the summer, and slots were almost entirely booked. We managed to get a session on the books and take a bunch of pictures, but we wished we had had more time to do it right. If you have a theme or location in mind, it’s a great idea to book in advance, so that you never have to worry about rushing. We want a session that feels like you, and if that means exploring in a forest, your C3 photographers are more than happy to do so! And this applies for post- work too: any special edits or requests that we’ll do our best to follow. But trust me, it’s way less stressful for you to get pictures done ahead of time. However, we want you to have the session that you want. If you’re ready for fall colors but anxious about missing that yearbook deadline, don’t worry! You can come into our studio to take the yearbook picture first, and come back in the fall for additional photos.

It’s fair to say that everyone, at some point, has been guilty of leaving things to the last minute (I know I have…) but don’t let your senior portraits be one of them! Book today!


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