What to Look for in a Dance School Photographer

Dance School Portraits

Your dancers have worked all year for their recital and it’s time for their big performance. This is an important moment for dancers to show off all their hard work for their parents, families, and friends. It’s also a great opportunity for your to showcase your studio. You’ve scheduled the recital, printed programs, and the big day is soon upon you, but you still need a photographer to shoot the occasion. You may choose to have your dance recital photos staged ahead of time, taken as live-event photos, or opt for a hybrid approach. Regardless of what you prefer, selecting the right photographer makes a huge difference. Take our advice on what to look for in a dance school photographer.


You need a set a budget before you can begin to look for photographers. Some photographers will simply be too expensive for your school and you don’t want to fall in love with them before realizing you can’t afford them. Some photographers may be willing to negotiate or reduce their price if they know you’ll be a regular client with events scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, you should ask parents what type of photos they want for their children and how much they are willing to pay. Parents may want photos of their children in different outfits, with the entire class, and in action. The more information you have, the better.


Think of this process like a job interview. Ask your photographer to bring samples of past work. Ask about their approach to working with children and their photographic style, as well as experience in working with other dance studios. Calling past clients can give you a sense of how a photographer approaches a shoot and how they interact with students and staff.


Depending on the type of photographs you want, your photographer may need special equipment. Backdrops, lighting, and lenses are all part of the consideration. Ask them about what they use and what special accommodations and set-up times they need. A photographer should be well-prepared to answer these questions.

If you know what to look for in a dance school photographer, you know C3 School Photography is your best option in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. We have worked with dance studios and students for years and want you to be our next stress-free photo day. Schedule your session today. 


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