Celebrate the Class of 2020

Celebrate the Class of 2020

C3 School Photograph is proud to celebrate the class of 2020. We understand how difficult it must be for you right now and how much you must miss your friends and classmates, your teammates and bandmates, and even your teachers. Normally we’d be there side-by-side with you capturing photographs for posterity. As we wait for things to return to normal we hope you’re taking some time to reflect on the last four years and look forward to your next adventure.

Stay in Touch

Just because you’re not seeing people on a daily basis like you were just a few short weeks ago doesn’t mean you can’t be talking regularly. You’re still in school—albeit at home—and still making memories. Photograph everything that’s happening now and share them with people—on social media, email, text, FaceTime, and snail mail (especially to your grandparents)!


There’s so much to be happy about senior year—college admissions, your final exam ever, birthdays, anniversaries, and new memories. It won’t quite be the same having a party over Zoom as it would be in the cafeteria, but that’s not a reason to not share good news.

Document Everything

It may not seem like it, but you’ll want to remember this moment. Take pictures of unruly haircuts and bad facial hair. Write letters about the funny things your family pet is doing. Make videos of important moments that happen at home. One day, you’ll look back at these with a smile.

Support Your Housemates

Whether you’re at home with parents, siblings, or extended family, it’s a new experience for everyone. They’re all doing their best to support you, help you learn, and graduate on time. They’ll also be there to celebrate with you when you do. Embrace the homeschool life and learn from each other.


As we wait for things to return to normal we continue to celebrate the class of 2020.

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