What to Wear for Senior Portraits

Choosing an outfit on any given day can be difficult. Choosing an outfit as a teenager preparing to get their senior portrait taken can be especially difficult. The spotlight is on you. These photos are going into the yearbook, to your family and friends, and will likely adorn a prominent space in your family’s living room for years to come. Stressing about what to wear for senior portraits is normal, but you’re going to look great no matter what.

The good news is your senior portrait is being taken by a professional photographer with years of experience. You have the freedom to be creative with your wardrobe choices and should have fun with your outfits. No matter what you decide to wear you’re going to look fantastic and your portraits will showcase your true beauty.

Dress Seasonly

Wear colors and outfits that complement the season and the outdoor setting of your portrait. Be inspired by the elements and time of year to keep you comfortable and fashionable.

Wear Multiple Outfits

Come to your portrait session with several changes of clothing. Bring options that differ in color, pattern, and style—subtly in design and color are best. Bright colors and busy patterns distract from your face; and that should be the focus of your photos! Black and white outfits are also discouraged because we want your photos to have dimension. Finally, a formal outfit for your yearbook shot is something we encourage.

Be Yourself

Everyone has a unique style. Whether that’s jeans and a t-shirt or khakis and polo, that’s what we want to capture. Are you an athlete? Wear your jersey. Don’t forget to use accessories to showcase your interests and style. Family jewelry, athletic equipment, musical instruments, favorite books, or even the family pet are all great options.

A senior portrait is meant to capture and commemorate who you are at this point in your life. Don’t stress about what to wear for senior portraits. This is a time to celebrate your achievements to-date. C3 School Photography uses our years of experience to capture that perfect memory. Contact us to book your session today. 

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